Managed Services

Services to achieve maximum efficiency...

We provide wide range of services customized to industry requirements from Solution deployment, Managed IT, technology support and Staffing services. Our services will fit in to every infrastructure management needs of small, medium and large organizations.

We have the advantage of a small company focusing on every customer needs with individual attention, medium company offering the flexibility to provide tailored solutions cost-effectively, large company offering wide range of services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness.

We Manage IT: 
Maximize your IT capabilities without breaking the budget

Technology competence is the key to managing business effectively and you do not have to be a fortune 500 company to leverage upon the strengths in incorporating latest technologies that increase your business competitiveness.

You do not have to make long-term hiring commitments to accomplish short-term goals. And you don’t have to sacrifice detailed maintenance in order to focus on growth.

TechEra IT Services provide comprehensive IT expertise to support your operations, and augment your IT department where you need it.

We listen
We tailor our services to your business needs

We take the time to understand your business operations and your plans for the future, so that we can provide a technology plan that takes you there. We analyze your situation, recommend and implement the system architecture that will help you achieve your goals, and maintain the environment to keep it up and running smoothly.

Accomplish more
We will help your IT staff get it all done.

We often find that our clients’ own IT departments are stretched very thin by implementing new initiatives while trying to maintain existing systems. TechEra IT Services eases their burdens by supplementing their activities, taking on system maintenance tasks, applying upgrades, implementing new technologies that maximize efficiencies, modifying and monitoring devices and applications, so their staff can concentrate on projects and deliverable.

Reduce downtime: 
We help you keep your systems run seamlessly with minimum downtime

System crashes are the last thing you expect in today’s fast paced business environment. Downtime can result in lost opportunities, delay in execution of business activities that result in unnecessary expenses that limits your company’s growth.

We at TechEra IT Services follow best practices that save time and money. Our experienced team will work towards achieving company objectives with a shared commitment.

Our clients have found that our Managed services prevent many problems from occurring in the first place by keeping their systems in optimal condition, providing regular analysis and identifying potential issues before they become catastrophes. When something does go wrong, TechEra IT Services has IT specialists available to provide a solution. We are available when you need us and will work on the issue until it is resolved.

Why choose TechEra IT services?

We offer what you need, when you need it.

Our Managed IT services are ideal for organizations requiring a secure, available and/or redundant IT environment to support your business critical applications and systems.

We services are also ideal as an augmentation to replace IT staff without the need for long-term or permanent hiring.

Managed IT services:

 Data center Infrastructure Mngt
 Network Services
 Software Services
 Hardware Services
 Security Services
 Hosting Services
 TechEra Monitoring Services
 Maintenance Services
 Help desk Support
 Email and Collaboration Services
 Storage Services
 Remote Administration
 Virtualization Services

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