IBM Mainframe

About this course:

The IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts course provides an overview of traditional SNA and TCP/IP communication protocols and the logical and physical components associated with them.

IBM Mainframe Course Outline:

SNA Subarea Networks

  • Logical Units and Terminals
  • Physical Units and Controllers
  • SNA links
  • Defining and activating resources
  • Sessions and the SSCP
  • Subareas
  • SNI and CDRMs

SNA Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

  • Introducing APPN
  • APPN Nodes
  • LU 6.2 and APPC
  • DLU Requesters and Servers

Mainframe TCP/IP Networks

  • Introducing TCP/IP on the Mainframe
  • The Mainframe OSA Adapter
  • Other TCP/IP Connectivity options

SNA Today

  • SNA through TCP/IP
  • TN3270
  • DLSw
  • Communications Controller for Linux (CCL)
  • Enterprise Extender

Course Duration : 5 Days (20 Hrs)