Advisory Services

Business advisory service advises current and future business prospects of a client with the aim of advancing their business or company through Mergers & Acquistion protocol's.

  • Early & Growth Stage Sterategy Consulting
  • Stategic Private placements
  • Mergers & Acquistions
  • International Growth and Expansion
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Business Performance Advisory Services
  • Operations Excellence
  • Technology Due-diligence
  • HR & Talent Consulting Services
  • Business Services - Leases and Facilities. 

Software & Consulting Services

Custom Software Development underpins solid technical background, and a clear understanding of the client business requirements. TechEra has 8 years of technology expertise and provides high-quality and cost-efficient Software Development Services. It allows startups, mid-sized, and enterprise-grade businesses to achieve their goals with the help of Custom Software solutions from simple customizations to full-cycle Custom Software Solutions' Development, outsourced software development, extended teams support and technology staffing services. 

What we do :

  • Mobile and Desktop Development – TechEra works with all types of operating systems, e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux, etc., including iOS, Android, and hybrid, as well as providing cross-platform support
  • Product Engineering & Embedded Software: Our expertise spans across Embedded Software Development, User Experience Design, Software & Hardware product Engineering and VLSI skills across Semiconductor, Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial Verticals. 
  • DevOps and QA Services - Our team provides services for continuous software integration and delivery, performs all aspects of testing, and conducts clear and valuable analysis.
  • Web and Cloud Development – TechEra delivers comprehensive full-cycle Web and Cloud Application Development Services to increase software scalability, elasticity, and availability.
  • UI/UX Design - Our experts create useful and usable UI/UX designs for software, including visual, interactive, and informative designs that provide better accessibility.
  • Support Services - The team works with all three levels of support for your business or corporate infrastructure and provides 24/7 system monitoring of all support channels.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting services: Our expertise spans across Data center Migration Services, Hybrid Cloud, Server, Storage Virtualization, Digital workspace Solutions, Cloud, and Infrastructure Managed services.
  • Security Consulting – TechEra ensures business continuity and risk management of your software by integrating testing and auditing into the Software Solution Development lifecycle.


Cloud & Infrastructure Services

In many instances, technology actually becomes a burden on productivity as the end user faces issues with real-time availability, with application compatibility and with a basic understanding of the toolsets required to perform his or her daily functions. For this reason, maintaining a skilled and responsive helpdesk to support your employees is of the utmost importance. The most effective helpdesk solutions incorporate an IT service Management (ITSM) discipline in which the true use of the technology in question is of TechEra concern.

However, as your organization grows in size and complexity, developing an ITSM focus and maintaining the right skill-sets within your helpdesk environment become incredibly difficult and costly. Additionally, as your organization expands in terms of geographical reach, providing 24x7 x 365 helpdesk support becomes even more costly as you are forced to staff multiple call centers or work under round the clock staffing model.

While your organization cannot function without effective ITSM-based helpdesk services in place, maintaining internal capabilities is often an unrealistic proposition. Your organization requires an effective alternative to internal management and TechEra represents the best, most seasoned alternative in the marketplace.

Practice Led Hiring & Staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the use of an external organization to manage some or all of the activities associated with the recruitment of permanent employees. Unlike a recruitment agency, an RPO partner provides highly scalable and consultative recruitment services holistically focused on optimal hiring results. Employers may engage an RPO provider to supplement their entire talent acquisition function and recruiting activities or for limited scope services for particular businesses, positions, initiatives, projects and/or geographies. . Scarcity of talent is one of the most critical business risks today, and when it comes to talent acquisition, efficient processes are simply not enough

The new talent Acquisition of our RPO Solutions provides the best talent at the right time - helping you harness innovation, bring new products and services to market faster & unlock productivity gains ahead of your competition.

Tech Era IT Consulting along with Learning Services is uniquely placed to eliminate most of the current challenges generally faced by the clients and offering them a tailored RPO solutions.

Contract Staffing:

Tech Era offers flexible staffing models in Technology Staffing – Contract Staffing, Contract to Hire and Train & Deploy models. While there are several staffing and IT Services firms in the market offering similar services our Differentiation and Value Add comes from our unique PRACTICE-LED-HIRING model, which is a SLA driven staffing service.

It allows clients to fill the required positions in Technology Practice, Platform, Niche skill and in a Vertical Domain, in a fast and effective manner, saving time in the recruiting process.

Direct Hire:

Tech Era also offers Executive Search, Head Hunting and Overseas Hiring services. Our value proposition comes from again our Practice-Led-Hiring model for Technology Centric roles and Business Aware Leadership hiring model for Sales, Business Development and Leadership hirings.

This model ensures better selection of candidates who perfectly match with the given Job Description of our clients and timely hiring. Our Executives are seasoned over two decades in hiring top talent that not only meet the client’s requirements but also embraces the client’s vision and mission creating better employment synergies that empower and elevate the motivation on the new hires

Leveraging on our great network and database, we will run a discreet and confidential identifying the individuals with the right skills set and background. Before contacting the individual we will gather references on him/her, and then continue with a customized approach to gain the individual’s interest in the job description while keeping the identity of our client confidential. A series of tailored interviews assure that the candidate will fit our clients corporate culture, required experience and abilities and that is a good fit for the job

Our approach will assure a commitment and engagement from the candidate and a long-term placement for the client, which is reinforced in the clients guarantee policy.